Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The Beatles
Music and Nostalgia

The Beatles are a huge influence in my life and will always be one of my favourite bands. I started listening to them when I was young because my dad's band used to continuously play their songs. When I listen to The Beatles, I remember certain days when I was young; I find it amazing that music can trigger your memory like that.

I read an article on why a particular song can trigger a memory. A link for the article is below (if you would like to read it), but I thought this quote explained an sense of nostalgia.  

“Most people have this idea that music can be a powerful memory cue,” Harris said. “You hear a song on the radio and it brings up memories of senior prom or graduation That’s why oldies stations are so popular — not because the music is good but because it reminds us of specific times in our lives,” he said.

Music has always been a huge part of my life. My parents love music and I grew up listening to A LOT it. Also, as I mentioned before, my father and uncle also played in a band together and they covered many by The Beatles. When I listen to certain songs by them, it always reminds me of listening to them play when I was young. I LOVED going to my uncle John's because it meant my dad and their band mates were going to jam. My love for and appeciation for The Beatles started at a young age because I heard their songs so many times.

One song that brings me back to them playing together is "Here Comes the Sun". Every time I hear it, I remember great memories.
                                                         The Beatles: "Here Comes the Sun"
Let me know what particular song brings you back to a time in your life.

Love: Danielle 


  1. Have you seen the Cirque du Soleil Beatles? If you are a big Beatles fan than you will love this show. I saw it over the summer, when I went to Vegas, and it was incredible.

  2. I also saw Love, the Beatles cirque show in Jan when I was in vegas and it was amazing. I am not a huge Beatles fan but I loved it!